Cold and recurring effects

Do wind and weather affect your health? Do you feel exhausted, do you feel a scratching in your throat and is your increasingly frequent cough accompanied by a runny nose? Then a cold is probably on the way. Or are you even plagued by frequently recurring infections?

Then you should support your immune system!

Common colds are mostly acute viral infections of the upper respiratory tract. Adults suffer from colds two to three times a year, children of pre-school age even five to eight times. This means that colds are the most common reason for a visit to the doctor and sick leave. Despite the high number of new cases, there is still no remedy to fight the causes of colds. One reason for this is the diversity of the causes. More than 200 viruses are known to trigger flu-like effects.

The real flu, which is accompanied by severe symptoms of illness, should be distinguished. There are annual booster vaccinations against these. There are no vaccinations for flu-like infections.

Weak immune system is the reason for colds

The occurrence of a cold is directly related to a weakened immune system. The weakening of the immune system can have many causes. Physical and psychological stress, an illness that has not been cured or intensive sporting activity can be reasons for this.

Possibilities for strengthening the immune system

Um eine Erkältung zu verhindern, ist die Stärkung des Immunsystems eine der wichtigsten präventiven Maßnahmen, sowohl im Vorfeld als auch während einer Erkältung. Es gibt viele unterschiedliche Präparate, die auf eine Stärkung des Immunsystems abzielen (z.B. Echinacea, Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Reishi). Letztgenannter ist ein Pilz, ebenso wie der Mandelpilz Agaricus blazeiMurill, dessen Wirkung als Immunmodulator zuerst in Japan erkannt wurde.

ApuXan® kann helfen das Immunsystems zu trainieren

Unsere clinical trial hat gezeigt, dass ApuXan® die T-zellvermittelte Immunantwort positiv beeinflusst.

Durch die präventive Einnahme von ApuXan® – angereichert mit Zink – können Sie Ihr Immunsystem gezielt trainieren und so auf die Erkältungsherausforde-rungen vorbereiten.*